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"The management of the future, is the Wealthing ®  management, a transformational style that blends the best of corporate and entrepreneurial management.

Where individuals leverage on passion and legacy to lead high impact organizations.

In this way the person, the organization, and the economy prosper together, not at the expense of one another." 

- Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD, MBA, MSci.

The Wealthing® Principles

Focus on the Whole
We win more by collaborating than by competing. Nobody has to lose for you to win.
Create Wealth

We can't create wealth without sharing it.  It is a much more powerful approach that capturing wealth.
Take Action

We are more our attitude than our results. Learn from actions, not from success or failure. 


We progress when we are better than ourselves, not anybody else. Focus on the flow of becoming, not the stay of being.
Bet on Passion

We find meaning when we leverage on what we are passionate about, not on what we are good at. That keeps us growing.
Make Meaning

We don't have to compromise on making money to create meaning. Money is part of the reason but not the whole reason. Discover what makes meaning.
About the Founder

Alicia Castillo Holley,  PhD, MBA, MSci.

Dr. Castillo Holley,  founder of the Wealthing® Institute, Wealthing VC Club and Wealthing VC Fund is a strategist at the intersection of  technology and capital. She navigates easily between research, commercial applications, and socioeconomic progress, with a deep understanding of financial implications (She has a PhD in finance).

Born and raised in Venezuela, she started her professional career as a scientist studying genetics and plant physiology, earning a Master in Science and later a Master in Business Administration on Entrepreneurship at Babson College. 

She has lived in 6 countries, traveled around the world many times and lives in Silicon Valley where she is a successful Angel Investor. 

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Our clients

Alicia moderated our board of directors retreat, and it was by far the most productive and insightful retreat we have had in our organization’s 27 year history. Alicia was able to get us thinking differently, helped us see where we create the most value and where we were expending unnecessary resources. Angela Costa Simoes. Portuguese American Leadership Council.

Ante más de 100 invitadas, Alicia nos enganchó desde el primer momento gracias a su cercanía y a la forma tan natural de exponer sus experiencias, tanto profesional como vital. Patricia Casados. Commercial Director. Socio Inversores. Spain.

Alicia delighted Babson College with her speech on “Funding amazing firms”. Not only her spirit and motivation, but her knowledge in entrepreneurship was valuable for me and for the students. Enio Pinto. Program Manager. Inst. Latin American Business. Babson College. USA.

Thanks for your seminar. We received a fantastic feedback from our students. It is time we can create wealth with our research. Dr. Paula Sanders. Dean Postdoctoral Studies. Rice University. USA.

Excellent and thought provoking, and led to many compliments. Your expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and growing wealth and your capacity to engage with the audience will have a lasting impact on all who had the opportunity to meet with you.” Dr. Des Rice. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. Saudi Arabia.

Your workshop completely changed the way I view my role as an academic and as a head of this institution. It has inspired us to encourage our young people to dream big and pursue their passions, in a way that transforms teaching in learning for everyone’s wins. Prof. Daniel Soto. Rector Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas. Chile.

The participants were delighted with your dynamism and practical approach. Carola Rivano. Asociación Guatemalteca de Gerentes – Induexpo event coordinator.

Many thanks for your most fascinating presentation. You have opened my mind to many interesting issues related to the academic and research field. Thanks. Prof. Waleed K Al-Zubari. Arabian Gulf University. Bahrain.

Your down-to-earth perspective and your ability to move from inventor to entrepreneur to investor was fascinating. Maureen Boland. Curtin University of Technology. Australia.

Your training was fantastic. You can explain Venture Capital and Angel Investing like no other. We received many compliments about the structure, the format, the delivery and most importantly, your connection with the audience. Marcelo Rabba. El Círculo (Venture Capital Fund), Chile.

You are an awesome and refreshing source of knowledge, and your enthusiasm is contagious. We look forward to our next workshop. Mariela Beuses. SP-coaches. USA.

You do bring a sense of the achievable to the world of entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and developing a global business should seek you out. Tracey Hodgkins. CEO. Australian Experiential Learning Centre.

We particularly enjoyed the practical tips and reflections. Giancarlo Ibargen. Rector Universidad Francisco Marroqui. Guatemala.

Thanks for helping us reshape our training to consultants and entrepreneurs. Your practical approach and your experience was critical to the success of our program. Alex Visic, CEO. Access Nova. (Technology incubator – Chile)